Melasma is an acquired disorder characterized by hyperpigmented patches involving sun-exposed areas, mostly on the face.  It can be a source of emotional distress for those that suffer from it.  The term melasma is derived from the Greek word melas, meaning black.  When the condition arises during pregnancy,  it is called chloasma or “mask of pregnancy.”  Melasma is most common in women in their thirties and forties.  Although the condition affects all racial groups, it is most prevalent in dark-skinned individuals, especially Hispanic, Asian, and African Americans.


We strongly encourage all of our patients to practice prevention through the use of broad-spectrum sunscreens, as well as avoidance of sun exposure, photosensitizing agents such as certain scented cosmetics, and oral contraceptives.


Effective treatment involves the use of topical depigmenting agents such as hydroquinone, retinoic acid, ascorbic acid, kojic acid, and azelaic acid. Chemical peels and lasers are frequently used in combination.

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Discover YOUR Solution

Not his. Not hers. Yours.

We provide personalized 

solutions to enhance your

appearance and

your life.

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