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Here at Aesthetics Now, we remain on the cutting edge – offering the very latest in aesthetic technologies and procedures. Our clients deserve the best, and we are here for it! Dr. Mazzuca and her staff strive to continuously remain current with the latest training, education and techniques in order to deliver safe and effective treatments.


Non-surgical facelift.

In the past, the only way to address skin laxity was facelift surgery.  Although skin resurfacing treatments can help to restore firmness to loose skin, until now, only a scalpel could remove it.  Those who want to avoid surgery will be happy to know that a new type of procedure has been developed to fill in the gap between noninvasive facial rejuvenation and facelift surgery – the thread lift.


Your most beautiful age is now!

Mesotherapy is an effective therapy that consists of injecting medicines, vitamins and minerals as close as possible to the area that needs treatment.  In fact, it is best described as a “technique”, as it refers to the manner in which we inject the skin in order to achieve different effects.

Dull, damaged skin

Acne prone skin

Brown spots (sun, age, hormonal)

Restore tone to lack lustre skin
Flaccid skin and dilated pores

Double chin (unwanted fat)

Discover YOUR Solution

Not his. Not Hers. Yours.

We provide personalized solutions to enhance

your appearance and your life.

Discover YOUR Solution

Not his. Not hers. Yours.

We provide personalized

solutions to enhance your

appearance and

your life.

At Aesthetics Now Vaughan, we are experienced and proficient in treating a wide array of medical and cosmetic concerns and conditions.

Our mission is to provide you with the best possible solutions and outcomes using our extensive portfolio of treatment options, all under the care of a highly-skilled Physician and team of Medical Aesthetic Professionals.